09 Jun

Hope is a thing with wings

Family Life by kim

My son got super sick this weekend and after a few trips to the hospital, he is recovering. Needless to say, we didn’t make it to my Grandma’s funeral today. This is for you Grandma, you will be dearly missed. My sister read this at the funeral this afternoon for me. Just before every sunrise, […]

18 Mar

Getting a fresh perspective with Sea to Sky Gondola’s Baby and Me program

Giveaways by kim

You know you’re a new parent when eight hours of sleep seems like the stuff of legends. Sleep is a new parent’s fantasy. It’s something parents daydream about while waiting for the first four-shot espresso of the day. Let’s be honest, sleep is simply not part of the package for new parents. So let’s move […]

11 Nov

OTO Design Giveaway!

Giveaways by kim
OTO Design - Photo Anastasia Chomlack - www.anastasiaphotography.ca

Recently, I stumbled across OTO (One Time Only) Design, a grassroots, local company, in the business of making all things fleece. Locally based OTO Design is the antithesis of environmentally taxing “fast food” fashion. Mom entrepreneur, Rachel Hayward produces unique sweaters and dresses for everyone from kids to adults. She uses the softest fleece, brightest […]

11 Nov

Fleece is a preschooler’s best friend

OTO Design Sweater - Photo: Anastasia Chomlack

We wear a lot of fleece in our family… an exorbitant amount of fleece. If my daughter had her way, she would never wear anything else. Her tastes are very specific. No tags, soft fleece, nothing too trendy or tight, pink or purple and paired with flip-flops. The kid dances to her own beat. I’ve […]

14 Oct

Scandinave Spa Giveaway!

Columns, Giveaways by kim
Fall Relaxation

Whistler’s Scandinave Spa, a 20,000 sq. ft. outdoor spa, is my happy place.  You can literally unplug from your everyday life and experience benefits of hydrotherapy through a wood-burning Finnish sauna, eucalyptus steam bath, thermal and Nordic waterfalls, hot baths, cold plunges, solariums and hammock and relaxation areas. The Scandinave is a magical place for […]

14 Oct

The absolute, ultimate date night

Columns by kim

Have you ever had one of those days? The kind where poop is smeared across the kitchen floor because your one-year-old figured out how to whip off his diaper? Gross, right? Meanwhile, your three-year-old is screaming because you made her wear underwear. You wonder why the poop-covered one-year-old couldn’t master something normal like his first […]

30 Sep

West Coast Float Giveaway!

Columns, Giveaways by kim

If you take bathroom breaks and tell your kids you need a “little privacy,” when in all honesty, you’ve gone in there to sit on the floor with a good magazine until they come looking for you, you might need a break. If your husband comes home from work and points to the chunks of […]

30 Sep

The great big hairy Pinterest fail

The other day I found myself staring at a wood pallet project on the Pinterest. You know, the kind that transforms scrap wood into a designer patio set in three easy steps. It looked so easy, so doable… so pretty. Rather than take on the pallet, I go for low-hanging Pinterest fruit, baking cute little […]

30 Sep

The awesomeness of Sea to Sky kids

There’s something different about kids of the Sea to Sky corridor. Maybe it’s the fresh air or their confident swagger, but there’s a general awesomeness around Coast Mountain offspring. It’s something recognized early — not unlike the powers of your average super heroes. Clark Kent’s parents knew he was something special when he took to […]

30 Sep

Losing yourself and finding yourself in motherhood

The other day while having lunch and simultaneously preventing my three-year-old from dumping milk on her brother’s head, a friend asked with a touch of sympathy if I was taking time for myself. “Oh, totally,” I said. It was a knee-jerk response. I hadn’t really thought of it before. Have I lost myself beneath piles […]

Trains, planes and projectile vomit

It was about two hours into our 14-hour flight to Dubai. The baby a few seats over was screaming like a hyena while our little angel slept quietly in her bassinet. I was smug. If there were a trophy for best baby on this flight, we’d win hands down.

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