Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us. What do that mean for you? Will you and your significant other do something super romantic?

This year, and most likely the next few years, our Valentine’s Day will be, well, like most other days! We have small kids. Babysitters are booked up months in advance and all of our favorite restaurants will have a reservation list with an equally long cancellation list. We are terrible at planning in advance, so we will definitely not be on any list! Not to mention, hubby is actually working and not home until late Valentine’s night. In reality, we will try to have a date night on some random week night when our sitter is free and the restaurant’s are not charging an arm and a leg for the same menu items!

I know what my husband would say if he were home to celebrate. He would suggest him cooking a nice dinner for us. This sounds amazing, especially because I love the thought of not having to cook a meal and being catered to. I love his cooking. However, I can picture how this would actually go down. The meal is taking a little longer to prepare than anticipated, so the kids are hungry and cranky. The house is a total disaster, toys everywhere and tons of dirty dishes because of this “fancy meal”. We finally sit to eat and are only two bites in when my little love, Julia, decides she is finished eating and attempts to escape her high chair. It’s easier to let her out than it is to negotiate with a 1 year old. She will likely be in my lap within seconds. Maybe picking at my plate, or trying to climb on the table. I sure hope this is a one handed meal and no knife is required, as I only have one hand available and dedicated to eating. The other is holding my kid. On many occasions, hubby has actually cut up my food, as if I were a child depending on a parent to cut their food into bite sized pieces.

Lately, my son will push his chair over until it is directly touching mine. So my personal space is non-existent. He is super active and HATES to sit down and chill for a minute. He was at least three years old before he would actually sit, not stand on the chair while he ate! Even now, at 5 years old, he will likely leave the table several times before actually finishing his meal. I spend most of meal time making sure everyone else is actually eating, sitting, not choking, etc. My meal is either cold, or I eat it REALLY fast!

Sounds romantic right?? LOL

Anyways, I will always do my best to make every occasion special and fun for my kids. It’s no secret, I LOVE food! So, Valentine’s Day has to be centered around that. Breakfast time seems to be the easiest time to make a “special” meal. The kids are happy and playing and recipes are typically quicker to prepare. I do not feel as defeated if I have a child sitting on lap for breakfast as I would if it were dinner time. Anyone else feel me on that one??

Here is a list of some fun and delicious Valentine’s Day Breakfast ideas. I am totally making the “Stacked French Toast”!



Mountain Mama

Stacked French Toast


Cupid Arrow Pancake Kabobs


Red Velvet Cake Batter Pancakes With Cream Cheese Syrup


Heart In A Basket


Watermelon Heart Fruit Salad


Heart Shaped Toast Cups


Strawberry Pancake Skewers


Heart Shaped Bacon


Valentine Fruit Wands


Red Velvet Waffles


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