Danica here. The mama behind Mountain Mama. I am an East Coast girl, born and raised in beautiful Newfoundland, Canada. In 2005, I made the big move across the country to Northern British Columbia, to be with my hubby, Jason (also a born Newfie). Together, we spent eight years working and exploring the North. Camping, fishing, road trips, and making some of the best quality friends anyone could ever wish for. Hubby always worked rotational shift work, therefore, I figure out life as I go, learning and growing.

My work moved us once again to Nelson, B.C. The heart of the Kootenays. A breath-taking mountain ski town. The past six years have been a whirlwind. Boom. Our two beautiful children were born. Ryder (5) and Julia (1).

Our familes live thousands of miles away. I love them. I miss them. Thank goodness for amazing friends, good wine and strong coffee. Join me as I make my way through this crazy life the best way I know how, just winging it! Some days I shine. Making delicious meals with produce from my own garden, outings, crafting, finding a little “me” time, all while keeping the kids alive. Success. Other days, I stay in my P.J’s, drinking coffee, eating like a toddler, literally walking in circles as I clean up toys once again, and counting down the hours to bedtime. That’s life. Beautifully unpredictable.

Thanks for joining me!

Danica xo